Green Supply Chain Map 中文


Map Explanation

The green supply chain map is a leadership initiative dedicated to showcasing brands’ commitment to supply chain transparency and environmental management. It openly links brands' supplier lists to publicly-available environmental data, including real-time data for air emissions and wastewater discharge. Brands that voluntarily join the map demonstrate leadership by going transparent toward their concrete actions to monitor and improve environmental performance. The map creates a channel for these brands’ suppliers to publicly verify their environmental compliance. At the same time, it also allows consumers to incorporate brands’ efforts to minimize supply chain environmental impacts into purchasing decisions. Map users can filter by brand to view and understand individual companies’ supply chains, or can also filter to see the types of data that each facility discloses, including real-time emissions data, feedback about corrective actions to improve environmental performance, and annual pollutant emissions and resource usage data. The map is bilingual, featuring both English and Chinese versions, and also includes a search bar to check supplier name keywords.

Filter by whether enterprises discloses:

↑️ Indicates emissions exceed standards
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Disclaimer: All supplier information provided to IPE by brands. The Map is dynamically updated by IPE.