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NameGreen Anhui

Green Anhui promotes sustainable development between humans and the environment through creative environmental activities, public environmental education and policy advocacy. Established in 2003 by a group of journalists, environmental activists, students and scientific experts, Green Anhui now has offices in three major cities in AnhuiProvince - the capital city Hefei, industry-heavy Bengbu, and the commercial city of Wuhu.

Green Anhui operates several different types of community environmental programs. Their primary program is the protection of the Huai River through educational activities in grade schools and universities, river investigation tours, conservation publications, and other public outreach programs. Green Anhui has also organized “Green Media Salons” training thousands of journalists on environmental issues and reporting. Green Anhui has conducted high-profile conferences that brought together government officials, experts, activists and concerned citizens. Green Anhui’s work has raised environmental awareness to an unprecedented level in Anhui Province.
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