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    Nature University is not a true university, but an environmental protection project. NU has 6 schools, namely School of Hills and Rivers, School of Forest and Steppe, School of Animals, School of Waste, School of Environment and Health and School of Farming. In these schools, almost all environmental topics are discussed.
    Public education is basic part of NU activities. Every week, NU has at least 6 indoor or outdoor activities open to the public. Fieldwork and investigation are emphasized as a way of education. Each school has its own unique outdoor activities, taking the public to visit and observe the local rivers, landfills and incinerations, botanical gardens, birds, farms and so on. Public environmental lectures, discussion and salons are another sort, where people could sit together talking about environmental issues.
    In addition, NU also holds the belief that people could know of the environment with the aid of portable monitoring device. So far, NU has devices for water quality, air quality (particle pollution and formaldehyde) and acoustic environment. Besides, NU maintains cooperative relationship with laboratories in collages and monitoring companies, who also give professional ideas about environmental monitoring in NU activities.
NU, based on Beijing, is also working on environmental issues in other places of China. Each school investigates in environmental accidents all over the country, including water pollution, forests damage, steppe destruction, waste disposal, POPs elimination, air pollution, etc. NU has built a steppe protection network. One of the aims of these investigations is to uncover, especially whose environmental issues that are barely known to the public. For this purpose, NU cooperates closely with journalists, offering victims, or experts to present the truth. Through media reporting, public awareness on certain topics could be lifted. NU is dedicated to solve the environment problems and launches advocacy when necessary.
    Beijing Water Source Conservation Foundation was founded on Jan. 31th, 2008. As public funds, the obligation of BWACF is to protect water source. To achieve this goal, BWACF raise funds to support public education activities and direct water protection projects; special funds are established, including Yinshuisiyuan Fund, Water Source Conservation Award Fund, Water Cultural Development Fund, etc. Nature University Fund became one special fund of BWACF in 2012.
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