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  • 2018

    Shared Bike Supply Chain Pollution Investigation

    Beginning in 2016, shared bikes have emerged to decorate many Chinese cities. As a form of IT-based innovative transportation, shared bikes contribute to solving problems with 'last kilometer' traffic, allowing the public to enjoy a more convenient and low-carbon commute. However, the large-scale operation and damage of shared bike schemes have also brought along energy consumption and pollution emissions, resulting in hidden environmental concerns.
    Publication Date:2018/1/13 14:13:48
  • 2017

    China's Largest Lead-Acid Battery Exporter Illegally Dumps Wastewater —— Investigative Report on Leoch Battery (Jiangsu) Corp.

    In early November 2017, environmental group Lvse Jiangnan and IPE conducted an investigation on Leoch Battery (Jiangsu) Corp, China's largest exporter of lead-acid batteries. We called for the local environmental protection bureau to undertake a follow-up investigation and for Leoch Battery to issue a public explanation on their suspected illegal dumping of wastewater containing lead, which was discovered by Lvse Jiangnan.
    Publication Date:2017/12/18 15:57:50
  • 2017

    Greening the Global Supply Chain – CITI Index 2017 Annual Evaluation Report Summary

    The fourth consecutive Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) annual report was released on October 13, 2017 in Beijing. The report shows that China’s sharp strengthening of environmental supervision is prompting more brands to recognize supply chain environmental risks, but insufficient capacity has become a bottleneck hindering companies from going green.
    Publication Date:2017/10/18 21:37:29
  • 2017

    Supply Chain Pollution Investigation on China's Dairy Industry: Rising Demand Meets Environmental Enforcement: Pollution Becomes Dairy's Achilles' Heel

    In July 2017, IPE conducted an investigation into supply chain pollution in China's dairy industry. The investigation revealed that many domestic and international brands' subsidiary dairy farms and factories have environmental violations relating to fecal and sewage treatment and other environmental matters, but most dairy brands have yet to take responsibility to publicly respond to environmental groups. We hope dairy brands will promote environmental compliance and establish a green dairy supply chain.
    Publication Date:2017/8/18 17:03:02
  • 2017

    P&G Supply Chain Pollution Investigation: Smog Cure or Smog Culprit?

    In March 2017, IPE began conducting an investigation into pollution along P&G's supply chain in China. It was discovered that a number of the brand's suspected suppliers from the phosphorus chemical industry have exhaust and wastewater over-emissions and procedural violations. We hope that aside from reminding the public to take precautions against smog, P&G can proactively push suppliers in China to comply with environmental laws and regulations.
    Publication Date:2017/5/24 10:57:31
  • 2016

    Greening the Global Supply Chain – CITI Index 2016 Annual Report

    The Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) annual green supply chain report was released on October 27, 2016 in Beijing. The report shows that many international and domestic brands are using public supervision data to expand green procurement in China and have pushed over 700 suppliers in China to improve their environmental performance.
    Publication Date:2016/10/27 0:11:22
  • 2016

    Toyota Pollution Investigation 2: Toyota Breaks the Silence, More Pollution Issues Await Follow-up

    In October 2016, IPE and Lvse Jiangnan continued their pollution investigation into Toyota Motor's supply chain in China, discovering that a number of automotive component suppliers belonging to Toyota Group have environmental violation records. Moreover, Toyota Motor's wheel hub supplier fails to properly store and treat its industrial solid waste and hazardous waste. In response to these violations, Toyota China breaks the silence with a response that it is currently checking these claims.
    Publication Date:2016/10/17 13:48:19
  • 2016

    Toyota Supply Chain Investigation 1: Toyota Supplier's Air Emissions Continually Disturb Residents

    In September 2016, Lvse Jiangnan and the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs conducted an investigative case study on Toyota's supply chain environmental pollution. The investigation shows that Toyota's subsidiary supplier has long exceeded air emission standards and has continually disturbed nearby residents. Despite its proposed goal to "reduce negative factors associated with automobiles as close to zero as possible," Toyota has yet to address its supplier's violations and keep to its environmental protection promise.
    Publication Date:2016/9/20 13:58:06