NO.85 【11.16-11.30】森诺特被评为环境信用评价红标企业

Publication Date:2017-12-12

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RankAffiliated EnterpriseListed CompanyStock ExchangeStock Ticker NumberOwnership Stake
Violation SituationMeans of PunishmentValue of Fines(万)Record Publication Date监管记录
1 山东森诺特环保能源股份有限公司 森诺特 Agency Share Transfer System 833805 100 企业环境信用评价红标 2017-11-30 See more
2 Tangshan Heavy Plate Co.,Ltd. Hesteel Shenzhen(A) 000709 51 乐环罚【2017】113号... 罚款 7.5 2017-11-30 See more
3 Chengdu Faw Faway Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automobile Waishi Co.,Ltd. FAWAY Shanghai(A) 600742 51 外排废水COD浓度超标 罚款 2.5354 2017-11-28 See more
4 金华市巨龙制砂有限公司 JLGY Shenzhen(A) 002619 100 产生的部分洗砂废水未... 罚款 0.9 2017-11-16 See more
5 Shanghai Zhenhua Port Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. ZPMC Shanghai(A) 600320 94.76 违反大气污染防治管理... 罚款 2017-11-23 See more