Brand CasesTCL's Energy Management Practices

Publication Date:2020-08-09

TCL employs specialized personnel to optimize energy use in production and transportation and develop related plans for energy conservation and emissions reduction.

The brand set up an energy management system based on ISO140001 and ISO50001 standards. This system covers 21 manufacturing bases that produce core products (TVs, mobile phones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, small appliances etc.). Each project is inspected several times during the implementation phase and following completion. The professional team also monitors project results and integrates an assessment into supplier auditing.

In 2016, TCL headquarters and six production bases conserved 84 million kWh of electricity and reduced carbon emissions by 84,000 tons. The following charts illustrate data for energy savings and emissions reduction at these six production bases:

1. TCL Multimedia


2016 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction / energy savings

Use electric cars as staff shuttles

75,600 liters of oil

Install voice-control lights in dormitory corridor

36,000 kWh

Transform 15 electric heating boilers into natural gas steam boilers

3.1 million kWh

Convert four traditional quantitative pump injection molding machines into servo energy saving drives

1.12 million kWh

Change in-plant transshipment forklifts from diesel forklifts to electric tractors

135 tons of GHGs

Include air compressors in contract energy management

1.1 million kWh

Install LED lighting in TCL LC industry park

2.28 million kWh

Recover waste heat from air compressor and using it to heat the module aging room

1.27million kWh


Replace fluorescent lights with intelligent LED and sensor lights

68,000 kWh

Set up a focus group for “saving energy at heating stations,” reducing frequency of use of heat circulation pump

Electricity consumption in three months was 72 percent of that in the same period last year

Use nano-infrared heating device to replace ceramic heater in injection molding machine

280,000 kWh

Improve control system water cooling and  circulation in injection molding machine

320,000 kWh

2. TCL Communication Technology invested 3 million RMB to install energy-saving bulbs, helping to reduce energy in the dormitory area by 50% in 2016.

3.  China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. implemented 28 renovation projects, saving 67.74 million kWh of energy and reducing carbon emissions by 64,000 tones in 2016. The main renovation projects yielded the following:

- Steam efficiency improved from 86.9% to 91.9%;

- The efficiency of steam increased from 86.9% to 91.9%, and the consumption of natural gas in 2016 decreased by 290,000 cubic meters, equivalent to reducing GHG emissions by 600 tons.

- Using air-handling unit (AHU) to flexibly control the temperatures of warehouses and offices saved energy by 4.52 million kWh in 2016.

- Equipping main factories with solar photovoltaic panels generated 19.9million KWh of energy. This amount is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 40,000 families. As the largest industrial park photovoltaic power generation system in southern China, the panels helped reduce carbon emissions by 19,000 tones.

4. Tonly Electronics saved 800 million kWh of electricity by employing a Trane third –level centrifugal and first-level efficiency chiller in the central air conditioner.

5. Measures taken by China Display Optoelectronics Technology:

- Improved production facilities, saving more than 2 million kWh of electricity in 2016, which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 0.26 million tons. Energy consumption for each product decreased by 0.03 kWh;

- For production equipment, key actions included upgrading and improving technology, such as washing and pasting machines, to avoid wasted energy, thus saving 800,000 kWh of electricity in 2016;

- Began using a first-level energy efficient chiller in central air conditioning, which can adjust the load rate of the main engine based on production demand and seasonal change, saving 450,000 kWh of electricity in 2016;

- Began using LED lighting across the entire factory, reducing unnecessary lighting and saving over 750,000 kWh of electricity.

6. Since 2016, TCL White Home Appliance has installed rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation of 4.5 MW capacity, which could generate 4.6929 million kWh of electricity and reduce annual emissions by 4000 tons of carbon dioxide.

  (The above content was provided to IPE by the brand, who is responsible for the accuracy of the data.)