The Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) encourages enterprises to address environmental supervision records by providing explanations, implementing corrective actions and disclosing relevant information. If an enterprise desires supervision record removal, the enterprise is required to undergo an off-site third-party document review or an on-site third-party audit. The decision to complete a third-party audit lies solely with the enterprise. IPE has never appointed any organization to conduct a third-party audit for an enterprise, nor does it authorize any organization or individual to promote third-party auditing services, technical consulting services or pollution control projects to enterprises. If you have any questions, please call +86 010-67189470 or +86 010-67136387.

Third-Party Audit Companies

  • British Standards Institution
    Zhang Zhenggang, Yang Guang(Under Review)
    Jack Zheng
    Jack Zheng
  • Greenment
    Bao Lei, Leo Liu, Janice Wu, John Yang, Yu Zhang(Under Review), Mandy Feng, CiCi Zhang, Pluex Peng, Jack Liu
    Richard Xu, Yanjun Zhang(Under Review), Yaqing Xu
    Bao Lei
    187 1796 7924
    Leo Liu
    137 6483 7177
  • GEIT
    Dandan YANG(Under Review), Helen WU, Sunny JI
    Archer XIAO(Under Review), Susan Sun
    Helen WU
    185 0737 8086
    Shelley WEI
    136 0165 3568
    Charlie Zou, Malcolm Tang, Ella Liu, Eileen Xu
    Phoebe Li, Lisa Fang
    Lisa Fang
    136 3139 2860
    Vicky Du
    + 86(0)22 65288425
  • ESD
    Michael Liang, Dongming LI(Under Review), Danny Yu(Under Review), Tom Tang(Under Review), Joseph Gui
    Adam Ma
    Adam Ma
    189 2882 1664
    Danny Yu
    021-53080914 ext 8004
    135 0193 8523
  • TüV Rheinland
    Felix Yu, Rico Shang, Wing Xiong(Under Review), Johnson Song(Under Review), Jackey Ji(Under Review), Angela Feng
    Jackson Zhu, Bill Pei(Under Review), Jasmine Liu(Under Review), Allan Wang(Under Review), Phoebe Wu(Under Review)
  • Aecom
    Ryan Guo, Long Xiuhua
    Chen Xing(Under Review), Liu Jinting(Under Review)
    Ryan Guo
    139 1611 6039
  • Intertek China
    Qualifications Under Review
    Xavier Ye(Under Review), Ben Huang(Under Review), Li Wen YONG(Under Review)
    David Yang, Candy Yang
    Candy Yang
  • Shanghai WSP Consulting Limited
    Qualifications Under Review
    Jason Li(Under Review), James Xiong(Under Review)
    Jane Zeng(Under Review)
    Jason Li
    136 7198 4180
  • AntRock China
    Qualifications Under Review
    Liu Ye, Cai Yu(Under Review)
    Yue Dong
    Ian Liu
    139 2039 6450