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2021 Corporate Rankings on Supply Chain Pollution and GHG Responsibility are Released -- China’s Carbon Reduction Targets can motivate both local and global companies to further prioritize supply chain emissions

Publication Date:2021-10-21

October 21, 2021 – The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) today released the evaluation results of its eighth annual Corporate Green Supply Chain Responsibility Index (CITI) and Corporate Climate Action Index (CATI) at its 2021 Green Supply Chain & Climate Action Forum, highlighting the role that China’s recently announced carbon reduction targets can play to motivate local and global companies to prioritize emissions reductions across their supply chains. In this year’s evaluation, Levi"s and Dell topped CITI and CATI respectively, while Huawei and Lenovo maintained their first-place standings among mainland Chinese brands in the two Indices. Sinopec this year became the first Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE) to enter the CATI Top 50. The 2021 CATI rankings covered 662 Chinese domestic and global multinational companies across 30 industries, covering the major global greenhouse gas emitting industries -- including petrochemical, electric power, gas, non-ferrous, iron and steel, building materials, machinery and equipment, transportation, civil aviation, auto parts, photovoltaic industry and other industries. The annual emissions disclosed by the key Chinese emitting enterprises included in the assessment amount to approximately 1.45 billion tonnes.

The Corporate Green Supply Chain Index, CITI, co-developed by IPE and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in 2014, is a quantitative system for evaluating green supply chain practices in China, assessing brand performance on such matters as public engagement and responsiveness, requirements for supplier compliance and corrective action, and data disclosure and transparency.

Newly developed in 2021, the Corporate Climate Action Index, CATI, developed by IPE under the technical guidance of CRAES’s Center for Carbon Neutrality, is a quantitative system for assessing brands’ climate performance on such matters as governance, measurement & disclosure, targets & performance, and climate action. Through the use of weighting factors, CATI can assess both companies who outsource their production to outside suppliers as well as those companies that manufacture themselves.

Press Release

2021 Green Supply Chain CITI Evaluation Report (Chinese)

2021 Corporate Climate Action CATI Evaluation Report (Chinese)