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  • 监管记录(1)
  • 年份:2020
  • 来源:Xử phạt vi phạm hành chính trong lĩnh vực bảo vệ môi trường đối với Công ty TNHH May mặc xuất khẩu Impulse Fashion Việt Nam, UBND HUYỆN CỦ CHI THÀNH PHỐ HỒ CHÍ MINH, 22/05/2020.
  • 违法事实描述:The violation occurred on May 22, due to wastewater parameter Amoni exceeding the standard level,the penalty amounted to 88,000,000 VND.
  • 违法事实产生的原因:At the time of the inspection, our waste water discharge system is under upgrading lead to parameter Amoni exceeding the standard level.
  • 针对违法事实采取的整改措施描述:'1. At this time, the wastewater construction has been completed. 2. Environment local company has taken waste water sample at factory to conduct testing on 5th Jan, 2021expected to get waste water test result on 12 Jan.2021 3. The test results on 12 Jan. 2021 indicates that all parameter including : Amoni, PH, BOD5, Nitrat, Photphat, Sulfua, Coliform..... meet TCVN standards. 4. Besides, as the waste water treatment construction contract signed with POLYGREEN environmental service company : The waste water treatment system has been controlled by environmental service company with warranty 12 months from 31st Dec, 2020. The environmental service company ensures that all parameters meet the legal law.


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