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NameGlobal Environmental Institute

全球环境研究所(Global Environmental Institute,简称GEI)是一家中国本土的非政府、非营利性组织,2004年3月在北京市朝阳区民政局注册成立。 GEI立足本土,着眼世界,探寻解决全球性环境问题的方法。GEI的特点及优势在于其创新性地将传统的环境保护、生计改善、资源节约的手段,与商业模式相结合,使项目成果延续到项目期之外。在此基础上,GEI大力推动环境、能源等议题的国际合作,特别是南南合作。也因此,成为率先在海外成功实施项目的中国本土组织之一。 宗旨 GEI的宗旨是以市场为导向解决环境问题,力求社会、环境和经济效益的多赢,实现全方位的可持续发展。 愿景 GEI期望构建一个健康而多样化的世界,在这个世界中,社会、环境和经济和谐发展。

The Global Environmental Institute (GEI) is a China-based non-profit, non-governmental organization that was established in Beijing in 2004. As a China-based NGO with an international focus, GEI fuses best practices in environmental protection, energy conservation and community livelihoods with innovative market mechanisms to drive sustainable development. In addition to the lasting impact of our projects domestically, our strong emphasis on international cooperation on energy and the environment has allowed us to assume a leading role in improving China’s environmental impact abroad. Mission GEI’s mission is to design and implement market-based models for solving environmental problems in order to achieve development that is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. Vision We envision a healthy and diverse world, a world in which society, the environment and the economy develop in harmony.
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