Shaanxi Women's Federation "Red Phoenix Project"

NameShaanxi Women's Federation "Red Phoenix Project"

"Red Phoenix Project (RPP)" subsidizes female students from poor families to pursue higher education. Intitial funding for the RPP came from selling the "Red Phoenix Canopy," a huge embroidered curtain that was collectively made by more then one thousand rural women of Shaanxi province for the Forth World Women's Conference held in Beijing in 1995. The auction sum of 315,000 RMB became the first non governmental fund in China that was taken from women's work and used for women's development when the RPP was initiated on March 8th, 1996.
More than 700 female students from poor families have been financially supported with the interests of the funds and donations totaling 2,122,000 RMB from private donors. More than two hundreed sponsored female students have graduated from universities.
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