South China Nature Society

NameSouth China Nature Society

华南自然会(以下简称“自然会”)成立于2008年,是绿眼睛环境组织全国项目成员,旨在促进野生动物与自然环境保护领域的公众参与,实现华南地区人与自然的和谐发展。自然会立足于中国华南地区,办公室设在广州市。 自然会关注领域:野生动物项目:非法贸易调查、宣传教育、执法支持、栖地保护自然环境项目:珠江水环境


South China Natural Society South China Natural Society(hereinafter referred to as"SCNS"), founded in 2008, is the national project member of Green Eye environmental organizations. Nature Institute aims at protection of wild animals and promotion of the public and nature environment in order to achieve South China's harmonious development between man and nature. Nature Institute's office is in Guangzhou. Areas SCNS concerns included: Wildlife project: investigation of illicit trade, education, law enforcement support, habitat protection Natural Environment Project: Pearl River water environment

Contact us: Wildlife Hotline: 4008805-110

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