Introduction杭州市生态文化协会,又称“绿色浙江”环保组织,成立于200112月,是由在浙江热心于生态环保事业的企事业单位以及一切关心和有志于推动浙江生态环保事业发展的社会各界人士自愿结成的地方性、专业性、非营利性社会组织。目前,协会挂靠杭州市环保局,以水环境保护、气候变化和节能减排、垃圾回收与再利用三大项目为核心。2010年,协会成为中国第四支加入全球护水者联盟(Waterkeeper Alliance)的机构,并被命名为“钱塘江护水者”。

Hangzhou Ecological and Cultural Association, also known as "Green Zhejiang" environmental protection organization, established in December, 2001, is a local, professional and non-profit social organization formed by the enterprises and institutions of Zhejiang who are enthusiastic about the ecological and environmental protection and the people from various circles of society who care about and aspire to promote the development of Zhejiang ecological and environmental protection. At present, the association is affiliated to the Environmental Protection Bureau of Hangzhou, with the three projects of the water environment protection, climate changing & energy conservation & emission reduction and recycling & reuse as the core. In 2010, the association became China's fourth organization of the Waterkeeper Alliance, and is named " Qiantang River Waterkeeper ".
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