Gull Protection Association of Panjin City

NameGull Protection Association of Panjin City

盘锦市黑嘴鸥保护协会2009年获得由国家八部委联合颁发的母亲河奖。 协会保护黑嘴鸥重要繁殖地南小河项目曾获得“SEE生态奖。协会会长刘德天也获得地球奖等多种奖项。

Gull Protection Association of Panjin City, which founded on April 20, 1991,is P.R.China's first environmental NGO. We have a total membership of 22 thousand people.

The Association's purpose is to protect rare and endangered species and habitats (wetlands) of Gull,and to expand populations from the endangered cordon. We are Committed to establish a global environmental NGO successful case for  protecting endangered species, and strengthen people's confidence in the field  of biological diversity.

During 20 years ,  we  kept  the  habitat (wetlands) 50 million acres through environmental education, ecological culture, the wisdom of experts, public opinion, government decision-making. The Gull numbers are from the beginning of 1200 to more than 8,000 at the present. In 2006, Panjin City, has been awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Gull" title by China Wildlife Conservation Association.

In 2009, Gull Protection Association of Panjin City  was awarded by the state eight ministries of the "Mother River Award." Our project "to protect an important breeding ground for nanxiao river " was awarded the "SEE Ecological Award." The chairman of Association, Mr Liu  has been "Earth Award" and other awards.  

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