Xiamen Greencross Association

NameXiamen Greencross Association


我们的愿景: 通过自身努力,协助企业、个人、社会关注环境保护的重要性,促进人类环境和经济的可持续发展。

我们的使命(宗旨): 通过开展环保宣传活动,倡导绿色生活方式,推动可持续发展教育,搭建交流平台,促进公众参与,共建和谐社会。

我们的价值观: 节约、循环、参与、和谐;公民社会的发展与健全是环境保护的重要保证。
Xiamen Greencross Association (XMGCA) is a non-governmental environmental organisation first established in 1999, registered as a business in 2003 and formally registered as a non-governmental organisation with the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Xiamen in august 2007.
Our share vision: Dedicated to help organizations, individuals and the society to pay more attention to the importance of environmental protection, and promote a sustainable growth of environment, economy and human being.
Our mission: Through initiating environmental protection activities, advocating ecologically friendly lifestyles, promoting the education for sustainable development, building the interaction platform, impeling the public participation, building the harmonious society together.
Our value: Economical, Recycled, Participant, Harmonious; The development and improvement of civil society is an important guarantee of environmental protection.
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