Wuling Mountains Conservation Federation

NameWuling Mountains Conservation Federation
Introduction    武陵山生态环境保护联合会是一家在张家界市民政局登记注册的环保社团组织,立足张家界,面向整个武陵山片区,主要工作是倡导生态旅游,举办导游生态环保知识培训,推广生态有机的农耕理念,在吉首大学等高校建立环保志愿者基地,呼吁长江中下游经济发达地区反哺武陵山片区,开展环保宣教,做好生物多样性的保护。

    Wuling Mountains Conservation Federation (WMCF), registered in the Civil Administration Organ of Zhangjiajie City, is an organization of the environmental protection. Based in Zhangjiajie, WMCF conducts the environment monitor and protection for the whole area of Wuling Mountain. The major responsibilities and obligations are as follows: calling on the advocacy in ecosystem tourism, holding the training program of ecosystem protection for tourist guiders, spreading the ecosystem and organic approach in the agriculture, establishing the volunteer center of the environment protection in Jishou University and other colleges, appealing for support for Wuling Mountain from the developed district in middle and low reaches of Yangtze River, carrying out the training program and education of environmental protection, and protecting biologic diversity.
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