"FUJIAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION VOLUNTEERS"was established on December,2006,which was formally registered a non-profit environment publicity organization by FUJIAN the Department of Civil Affairs .In six years,we have insisted on advocating "caring earth,protecting environment,joining publicity,advocating low carbon life"concept,and Through paying attention closely to our survival environment,developing and expanding our spirit of environmental protection that we can take practical actions to protect environment and establish a team work of 2300 volunteers.In the meanwhile,we still have a good committee of experts team of some different district,which are guided our association work scientifically.
 In six years,our association have collected various parties power to advertise green consumption or advocate low carbon life;We comply with the environmental regulars to prevent environmental pollution and make a harmonious contribution to our whole society、nature、human beings(including use the specialty power to promote plant trees、low carbon row、protect water resource、recycling waste classification、green travel clear line of protecting environmental programs ,etc. Of course,we can improve people's conscious to conduct actively our EcoHomes by the volunteers actions and social influence.
 We association was regarded as one of the largest organizations in FUJIAN province,which have gotten the social acceptance and good reputation.One after another,we obtained many honors,as follows:
1、The FUJIAN Environmental Protection of Century Activity Advanced Unit awarded by FUJIAN People's Congress;
2、The Excellent Volunteer Service Organization awarded by FUJIAN Construction of Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee;
3、We actively promoting the Household Garbage Classification Recycling Project awarded innovation prize of The Core World and CEGC and Natural Environmental Protection - Pioneer Award;
4、More than ten members have awarded the FUJIAN Ten Big Green Characters、FUJIAN Volunteer Services Contribution Award、Earth Award、Subaru Ecological Protection Award、FUJIAN Top Ten Youth Volunteers personal title of honor,etc.

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