Green Waterkeeper Environmental Center (GWEC)

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The Green Waterkeeper Environmental Center (GWEC) is an environmental NGO. It is initiated by Xiamen environmental protection volunteers, who joined from Xiamen University and public-spirited personages. It is incorporated in civil affairs departments and focus on the environmental protection of headwaters region. GWEC is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit environmental organization. GWEC includes the Council, the Expert Advisory Committee and the full-time executive team. GWEC carries out filed research about drinking water sources and pollution sources of Jiulong river two or three times per year and research of urban black-odor river, and organizes water-protection activities for public. Through field research, GWEC is trying to promote the solution of the pollution problem, to carry out public environmental education, to enhance awareness of citizens’ environmental protection, to build a platform for all stakeholders’ discussions, and to promote environmental information disclosure and sustainable development of water conservation.



All rivers and lakes are ‘drinkable, fishable, swimmable’.



Everyone is the waterkeeper

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