XingChe Environmental Commonweal Development Center

NameXingChe Environmental Commonweal Development Center

XingChe Environmental Commonweal Development Center . It contributes to make the sky bluer ,the water cleaner in Hubei by actions .We focus on environmental protection in Hubei, contribute to social supervision and push forward environmental pollution management in Hubei. Push forward implementation of environmental management through investing and monitoring pollution sources as well as environmental information publicity, meanwhile ,we implement environmental publicity and education for general public,raise their environmental awareness and let more people participate in environment protection.

  Our Vision: Make the graceful environment a scene can be seen everywhere.

  Our Mission: Contribute to pollution prevention as well as publicity and education ,let environment protection       become a kind of spontaneous motivation.

  Our Idea: Care and understanding lead to action, only actions can lead to change.
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AddressLuanli NO.1 , Chezhan Street,Jiangan District,Wuhan Hubei province
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