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  • 2016

    Textile Phase V Report - Special Edition on Disney: Going Green or Greenwashing?

    In August 2016, the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, Lvse Jiangnan and Huai River Guardians conducted a joint investigation, aiming to understand the supply chain management practices behind Disney's meticulously constructed green image. Investigations show that the brand has failed to meet its promises to "actively screen, evaluate and study the direct and indirect impacts its daily operations impose on the environment." Instead, Disney uses licensing as a way of shirking environmental responsibility.
    Publication Date:2016/8/30 17:57:52
  • 2015

    Greening the Global Supply Chain – CITI Index 2015 Annual Report

    On October 22, 2015, the Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) green supply chain rankings for the top 100 brands were released at the "Sustainable Development and Business Practices – 2015 Green Supply Chain Forum" in Tianjin, China. The evaluation results show that Apple, Adidas and H&M are leaders out of the 167 international and domestic consumer brands included in the green supply chain evaluation.
    Publication Date:2015/10/20 10:08:26
  • 2014

    Textile Phase IV Report - No Excuses

    On September 23, 2014, IPE, Lvse Jiangnan, NRDC and Zhaolu Environmental Protection and Commonweal Service Center jointly published the Phase IV Textile Industry Report. The report highlights significant problems with the centralized treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater and suggests that better cooperation between stakeholders is required to establish a system of responsibility for centralized treatment.
    Publication Date:2014/12/24 10:40:46
  • 2014

    Greening the Global Supply Chain – CITI Index 2014 Annual Report

    July 12, 2014 – The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) today jointly release the Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) at the 2014 Eco-Forum Global Conference in Guiyang, China. This inaugural CITI report found that Apple, H&M, and Esquel Group are leading the pack in terms of green supply chain performance out of 147 consumer brands that were assessed.
    Publication Date:2014/7/14 13:55:09
  • 2013

    Textile Phase III Report - New Standards

    Released in Beijing on December 4, 2013 by seven environmental organizations including Zhaolu Environmental Protection and Commonweal Service Center and Lvse Jiangnan, the GCA Phase III Textiles report refers to a large number of printing and dyeing enterprises in violation on the new wastewater discharge standards and requests that brands such as Polo, Uniqlo and Youngor face up to the serious water pollution created by their supply chains.
    Publication Date:2013/12/9 10:22:14
  • 2013

    IT Industry Phase VII Report - Taihu Basin

    On August 8, 2013 five environmental organizations Lvse Jiangnan, IPE, Friends of Nature, Envirofriends and Nature University jointly published "Who is Polluting the Taihu Basin," an investigation into the heavy pollution that mobile phone brand HTC's suspected suppliers Foxconn and DX are discharging into a part of the Taihu Basin. The report requests that related enterprises assume environmental responsibility.
    Publication Date:2013/8/7 9:39:44
  • 2013

    IT Industry Phase VI Report - Apple Opens Up

    Since April 2010, a number of Chinese environmental NGOs have released a series of Green Choice Alliance investigative reports, which have built up public recognition of pollution problems in the IT industry. After a long period of reluctance and resistance, Apple finally overcame their original state of denial and began to communicate with the environmental NGOs and to comprehensively follow-up on the questions raised by the NGOs. The environmental NGOs hope that Apple can take this good practice and extend it to more suppliers.
    Publication Date:2013/1/29 14:47:18
  • 2012

    Textile Phase II Report - Sustainable Apparel's Critical Blindspot

    On October 8th, 2012, five environmental NGOs Friends of Nature, IPE, Green Beagle, Envirofriends, and Nanjing Green Stone jointly published the Phase Two textiles report titled Sustainable Apparel's Critical Blind Spot. It highlights that a number of large-scale clothing brands have gaps in the environmental management of their Chinese supply chains and calls for consumers at home and abroad to push brands to assume environmental responsibility.
    Publication Date:2012/10/8 17:36:27