Absorbed Dose Rate 中文

Unit:nGy/h, nSv/h
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• The air absorbed dose rate issued by National Radiation Environmental Data Evaluation System includes the environmental surface gamma radiation dose rate of the instrument's response to cosmic rays, in unit of gray per hour (Gy•h-1). Air absorbed dose rate is an important part of environmental radiation monitoring since it is a measurement that can directly, quickly, and continuously reflect the environmental radiation levels.

• The background level of air absorbed dose rate is various in different region since the geology, latitude and longitude, and environmental conditions are changed.

• The fluctuations in air absorbed dose rate in the same monitoring station are also non-negligible. The fluctuations are related to various environmental factors such as groundwater level, soil moisture, precipitation, ice and snow coverage, ground subsidence of radioactive materials, ejection and diffusion of radioactive gases, etc.

•The unit of air absorbed dose rate issued by National Radiation Environmental Data Evaluation System is nGy/h,1Gy=109nGy.

Data Sources:

China: National Radiation Environmental Data Evaluation System”,

• Taiwan: Radiation Monitoring Center, AEC

• Hong Kong: Hong Kong Observatory

• Macau: Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau

Japan: Fukushima Prefecture Radioactivity Measurement Map

Korea: Integrated Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network

Germany: Ambient Gamma Dose Rate Map (ODL)

Ukraine: Radiological and Ecological Monitoring and Background Radiation Map

Belarus: https://rad.org.by/monitoring/radiation# ©rad.org.by

Russia: Институт проблем безопасного развития атомной энергетики РАН. радиационная обстановка на предприятиях росатома

Finland: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)

Cyprus: Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring in Cyprus (Radiation Inspection and Control Service - Department of Labour Inspection, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance)

Legend(Unit:nGy/h, nSv/h)

  • <=70

  • 70~

  • 100~

  • 130~

  • 160~

  • 250~

  • 400~

  • 600~

  • 800~

  • 1000~

  • 1200~

  • 1400~

  • 1600~

  • 1800~

  • 2000~

  • 2500~

  • >3000