Global Business Accountability Map 中文

  • Corporations Tracked
  • Countries / Regions
  • Mt CO2e Emissions
  • Mt CO2e Emissions
    Reductions Committed

* Data refers to scope 1&2 (market-based) total cumulative emissions that companies disclosed in the latest year; There may be double counting involving the energy sector and other industrial sectors.


About the Map

The Global Business Accountability Map is dedicated to tracking and showcasing the climate & environmental commitments and performance of major corporations around the world. The map primarily focuses on consumer-facing corporations that have a sizeable supply chain in China, as well as listed companies in and outside of China. It allows users to check corporations’ publicly disclosed climate and environmental pledges, annual emissions data, carbon management performance, as well as their Climate Action CATI evaluation and Green Supply Chain CITI evaluation results, etc. The map is dynamically updated by IPE.