NO.87 【12.16-12.31】中通客车、源和药业、东都节能遭停产整治

Publication Date:2018-01-06

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RankAffiliated EnterpriseListed CompanyStock ExchangeStock Ticker NumberOwnership Stake
Violation SituationMeans of PunishmentValue of Fines(万)Record Publication Date监管记录
1 Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd. ZTBH Shenzhen Stock Exchange (A) 000957 100 未批先建 停产整治,罚款 5 2017-12-29 See more
2 Bozhou Huqiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. XXZY Shenzhen Stock Exchange (A) 300147 70 在城市禁燃区内存在未... 查封扣押 2017-12-29 See more
3 Shijiazhuang Bai Po Zheng Yuan Chemical Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. YMCC Shanghai Stock Exchange (A) 600691 70 2017年11月12日至18日... 罚款 30 2017-12-19 See more
4 Guangzhou Yellow Ship Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. COMEC Shanghai Stock Exchange (A) 600685 100 2016年实际转移的废油... 罚款 20 2017-12-26 See more
5 Baotou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. CHALCO Shanghai Stock Exchange (A) 601600 100 涉嫌粉尘污染 罚款 6 2017-12-29 See more
6 Subei County Bolun Mining Co., Ltd. XSS Shanghai Stock Exchange (A) 600117 70 实际产品产量超出申请... 罚款 6 2017-12-21 See more
7 Shijiazhuang Zhengyuan Chemical Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. YMCC Shanghai Stock Exchange (A) 600691 67.19 贮存的物料未采取有效... 罚款 5 2017-12-18 See more