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  • 2021
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    IPE 2021 Annual Report

    在双碳背景下,IPE 也在 2021 年进一步调整工作重心,借助在环境数据、IT 和地图技术方面的长期积累,构建双碳数据基础设施、开发数字化碳管理和碳减排解决方案。2021 年 IPE 将低碳地图升级为蔚蓝双碳地图,收集并呈现全球、省市和企业层级的气候能源数据;同时,IPE 与中国环境科学研究院合作,研发我国省级、城市级碳达峰碳中和指数,并开展年度评价。
    Publication Date:2022-08-17
  • 2020
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    IPE 2020 Annual Report

    Publication Date:2022-05-11
  • 2019
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    IPE 2019 Annual Report

    自2018年六五环境日,生态环境部提出了“美丽中国,我是行动者”这一主题词,推动多方共同参与生态文明建设的环保新格局进一步确立,给公众深度参与,创造了更大空间。在 三年蓝天保卫战和污染防治攻坚战的进程中,这一主题词贯穿始终,得到了广泛的认同和响应。而作为一家旨在以信息公开助力多方参与生态环境保护的机构,2019年公众环境研究中心的工作,在这样的大背景下向前推进,取得了新的进展。
    Publication Date:2020-08-21
  • 2018
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    IPE 2017 Annual Report

    In 2017, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs entered its second decade. Over the past 10 years, we have continuously promoted comprehensive information disclosure and multiplied the number of environmental data records. We have upgraded the Blue Map over time, moving toward more real-time sharing of environmental information, and actively expanded cross-sector applications of the Blue Map database, using the platform to strengthen corporate oversight. At the onset of the next 10 years, we remain true to our initial vision and carry the same mission of defending clear water and blue skies.
    Publication Date:2019-01-03
  • 2017

    IPE 2016 Annual Report

    From 2006 to 2016, IPE has grown from scratch into a full-fledged institution, witnessing a remarkable transformation in the development of China's environmental governance. IPE's staff have expended much effort and sweat in pushing for environmental information disclosure, promoting multi-stakeholder participation, spurring emissions reductions and guiding green development -- but their efforts have also brought about significant progress and recognition.
    Publication Date:2017-01-19
  • 2016

    IPE 2015 Annual Report

    Since 2006, the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) has published over 30 research reports. This report is the first time IPE has published an annual report summarizing the previous year's worth of work.
    Publication Date:2016-03-31