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Pollution Risk Index of Publicly-Listed Companies

IPE cooperates with the Securities Times to collect online monitoring data for publicly-listed A-share companies and their subsidiaries and joint ventures from the self-monitoring data publication platforms of Chinese provinces. The data is analyzed to determine the number of days that companies' emissions exceeded standards and the daily average multiplier by which standards were exceeded and then synthesized and weighted to calculate the environmental risk index. Companies' scores are combined with enterprises' recent environmental performance trends and are regularly published in the risk index listing and accompanying articles.Detail

Water Risk Assessment of Publicly-Listed Companies

The water-related risk index for publicly-listed coal companies primarily focuses on the potential production,operational and financial risks for publicly-listed companies in China's coal industry that stem from water resources problems. It analyzes these risks from two dimensions:the production and operations of public companies, and their regional situation. The index investigates water use, wastewater discharge, compliance and other water-related risks that might arise as part of companies' operations.Detail