Rank Full Name of Listed Company Abbreviation Stock Ticker Number Environmental Performance Industry
龙元建设集团股份有限公司 龙元建设 600491 -149.75 土木工程建筑业

Introduction of List

Since 2021, ThePaper.cn and the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) have jointly published the Dynamic List of Environmental Performance of Chinese Listed Companies. It aims to identify environmental risks and opportunities based on environmental big data, explore green investment opportunities, encourage enterprise environmental responsibility practice, improve environmental governance, and promote green transformation and low-carbon development with market-based solutions.

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The Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) is a non-profit environmental research organization registered and based in Beijing, China. Since its establishment in June 2006, IPE has dedicated itself to collecting, collating and analyzing government and corporate environmental information to build a database of environmental information. IPE's two platforms – the Blue Map website and the Blue Map app – integrate environmental data to serve green procurement, green finance and government environmental policymaking, using cooperation between companies, government, NGOs, research organizations and other stakeholders and leveraging the power of a wide range of enterprises to achieve environmental transformation, promote environmental information disclosure and improve environmental governance mechanisms.

Note: ①   The Dynamic List of Chinese Listed Companies’ Environmental Performance is a real-time dynamic list, which evaluates thousands of Chinese A-share listed companies and their affiliated enterprises who are key pollutant-discharging entities in 2020. The data evaluated includes the environmental supervision records of listed companies and their affiliates, as well as the disclosure of relevant environmental information. ②  The environmental performance score of listed companies is based on the Dynamic Environmental Credit Risk Assessment (DECRA) score of affiliated companies that are included in the calculation and the weighted calculation of their shareholding ratio. The DECRA score is calculated by the Blue Map based on statistical analysis of enterprises' environmental supervision records; it is a quantitative environmental credit score for enterprises based on their environmental compliance, combined with environmental management, energy conservation and emission reduction performance. The raw score is 0. When an enterprise commits an environmental violation, the corresponding DECRA score will be deducted according to the severity of the violation, and the deducted credit can be repaired according to the progress of rectification of the violation. In addition, when a company is recognized by relevant government departments as having good environmental performance, for example, rated as “Green” by government environmental credit rating, or rated as 'A' in the performance rating of key industries in heavy pollution weather or rated as a leading company, positive incentive points can be obtained. The higher the credit score, the better the company's environmental credit. ③  The performance score of <0.005 indicates the scoring range (0, 0.005), and >-0.005 indicates the scoring range (-0.005, 0). ④  The Environmental Performance List of Listed Companies is ranked from low to high according to the enterprise environmental performance. In the case of equal performance scores, the order is ranked from high to low according to the Environmental Performance Risk Index developed by the Blue Map Database and its partner institutions. ⑤  In addition to the ranking of all the above listed companies, the Environmental Performance List of Listed Companies also classifies and evaluates various industries to form an industry sub-list according to the Industry Classification of Listed Companies issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission. If you have questions about the ranking, please contact us at: liuji@thepaper.cn, gsc@ipe.org.cn