Brand CasesSamsung China Improves Subsidiaries' Water Recycling

Publication Date:2017-09-08

As the core of its green production, Samsung China has consistently implemented a most stringent water resources management system, from developing a water use index and strengthening the management of its water use objectives to promoting water resource optimization through an intensive water-saving system.

In its “2016 Samsung China Environmental Report,” Samsung points out that the overall water consumption of its Chinese enterprises increased in 2016, following the successive acceptance of the Phase II construction project at Suzhou Samsung Display Co., Ltd. and a project to expand production of flash memory drives at Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 

Nevertheless, Samsung’s major subsidiaries have been improving their water recycling rate for the past three years:

Among them, Suzhou Samsung Display Co., Ltd. announced in its 2016 environmental report that the company commissioned Zhongxin Suzhou Industrial Park Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to thoroughly process its production wastewater and subsequently reuse it in the cooling tower, and to reduce freshwater consumption ofthin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display production.Since 2014, annual water consumption at Suzhou Samsung Display Co., Ltd. has been as follows:  

Suzhou Samsung Display Co., Ltd

Samsung Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. (“Samsung Semiconductor”) has also published a “2016 Environmental Report” in which it reveals measures that have led to a decrease in freshwater consumption, such as source management, process improvement, as well as import of advanced processing technology. Samsung Semiconductor’s water consumption for the past three years is detailed below:

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