Brand CasesHuawei Works with Suppliers to Build a Greener Supply Chain

Publication Date:2020-09-15
Green supply chain has been continuously concerned by Huawei’ stakeholders, such as governments, customers, and NGOs all over the world. Huawei set "Promoting environmental protection" as one of Huawei's sustainable development strategies. Huawei has incorporated environmental protection requirements into its procurement strategy and end-toend procurement process, including supplier qualification, selection, review, performance management, and material selection. We aim to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, encourage suppliers to make continuous improvements through our sourcing strategy, and build a competitive and green supply chain.
Huawei encourages suppliers to set up energy management organizations and measurement systems, identify reduction opportunities of energy consumption and carbon emissions, and set the plan of energy conservation and emission reduction.

In 2019, 35 suppliers participated in the energy conservation and emission reduction project of Huawei, and reduced CO2 emissions more than 80,000 tons totally.

The projects conducted included energy saving reconstruction of water chillers, air compressors, air conditioning, lighting system and manufacture equipment, recycling of waste heat, installation of solar power system etc. One of our supplier, Shennan Circuit, saved 5.3 million kWh by reconstructing the cooling system, air conditioners, and power equipment. Another supplier, Shengyi Electronics, saved 1.5 million kilowatt hours by adopting energy-saving chilled water units and circulating refrigeration projects.

In 2020, we expand our supplier energy conservation and emission reduction projects and encourage more suppliers to collect carbon emission information, set up emission reduction plans, and implement emission reduction projects. Huawei plans to drive our top 100 suppliers to set up carbon emission reduction targets by 2025. In addition, Huawei has incorporated carbon emission reduction requirement into the supplier CSR performance evaluation checklist to drive all suppliers to set up carbon emission reduction targets, so that to lead the sustainable development of our supply chain.

The above Huawei related content is mainly quoted from Huawei 2019 Sustainability Report. Please refer to the original Chinese version if any discrepancy found. 

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