Brand CasesEnergy saving and emissions reduction for a sustainable supply chain

Publication Date:2022-07-29

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, China must make more efforts than other developed countries. As a production enterprise, Shuntex Group is aware that we need to make our best contribution to the carbon peak and carbon neutral targets and devote ourselves to promoting the green transformation of local enterprises.

Located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, Shuntex Group is a garment manufacturer focusing on garment designing and manufacturing and has four garment factories and one washing mill in Shunde.

One of Shuntex’s major client Kontoor Brands, announced that it aims to power 100 percentage of owned operated facilities with renewable energy by 2025. As one of the core manufacturers of Kontoor, Shuntex strives to implement United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and assists Kontoor in promoting the green transformation of the global supply chain.

Shuntex mainly improves its energy performance in the following two ways:a. reduce the total amount of energy use, and b. use cleaner energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

In recent years, the Group has rectified the production equipment of its four garment factories (two of which are Kontoor suppliers), substituting some old equipment with more energy-efficient equipments to achieve total energy reduction. Since 2018, the average annual power use per 10,000 yuan of output value has decreased by about 150 kWh. The washing mill invested by the Group in 2018 was also equipped with new laser machines and ozone washing machines in addition to water and energy-saving washing machines. These enable the mill to have achieved a water usage reduction of 82% and an annual average power consumption reduction of 20%.

In order to improve the utilization of cleaner energy and meet the demand for peak electricity consumption, the Group's rooftop photovoltaic power generation project was officially put into use at the end of October 2021.

The grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project is mainly for self-use, while the surplus is merged into the national grid. The total capacity is designed to be 1,450.5 KW with two parallel outlets, occupying a total of 14,007 square meters of the factory and dormitory rooftop. The estimated annual power generation is about 1.7 million kWh. The photovoltaic project adopts a 550W monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic power generation module and Huawei 110KW inverter, equipped with intelligent energy management monitoring and management platform, which integrates big data, Internet, and artificial intelligence. This intelligent photovoltaic solution ensures low manual intervention, full automation operation, automatic system error detection and repairing, reducing maintenance costs and improving the system revenue.

Through this project, the Group achieved a win-win situation of energy saving and enterprise development, which also serves as a good demonstration for the local economy. 

In addition, Shuntex Group has motivated its affiliates to measure and disclose greenhouse gas and pollutant emission data via the Blue Map website in recent years. The Group is also building a sustainable supply chain by conducting environmental energy management on its cooperative factories and supply chain (such as fabric mill, printing, embroidering, and washing plants) via the Blue EcoChain. 

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