Brand CasesAvary Holding Logistics Performance Improvement

Publication Date:2022-08-01

Avary Holding implements an environmental protection and energy saving project, with Avary’s Seven Greens as the main axis and platform, analyzes all aspects and links of production and life, and makes improvements in energy saving, emission reduction, efficiency enhancement, consumption reduction, greening and recycling, and then achievesgreen services, green production, green existence, green supply chain, green innovation, green actions on recycle and green logistics.

In 2021, the Shenzhen Park, Qinhuangdao Park and Huai'an Park of Avary Holding vigorously implemented green logistics project. By integrating freight demand, Avary Holding has reduced the overall number of trips by a total of 9,949 vehicles, saving a total of 1,231,991 liters of gasoline consumption and reducing emissions by 2,736.28 tons of CO2e.

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