Brand CasesAvary Holding Motivate Suppliers to Conserve Energy and Reduce Emissions

Publication Date:2022-08-04

Avary Holding has long been committed to energy saving, water saving and emissionsreduction, intelligent manufacturing, low-carbon life, showing green value, and also cooperates with suppliers with the same concept to achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

Supplier A 

Avary Holding promotes Supplier A to carry out energy-saving and emissions-reduction projects, such as the replacement and improvement of air-conditioning systems, the replacement of lighting equipment in the whole plant with LED lamps, and the introduction of solar photovoltaic systems. So far, Supplier A has achieved an average annual reduction of 180.2 tons of CO2e.

Supplier B

Avary Holding pushed Supplier B to improve the thermal kerosene boiler and flue gas circulation.

Evaluation shows that improving the low-nitrogen burner of the thermal kerosene boiler, modifying the control method, improving the combustion flame type and adding flue gas recirculation (FGR) can reduce the NOx emission to 28.7mg/m³, which is lower than the national emission standard requirements. Through these measures, Supplier B reduced its annual natural gas consumption by an average of 1,365,528 m³, and its annual carbon reduction by 2,952 tons CO2e.

Supplier C

Avary Holding assists Supplier C to optimize the operation of water pump equipment used for circulating water in cooling towers to improve energy efficiency. The operation of the pump under actual working conditions has been tested by a third party, and the operating efficiency of the optimized pump has increased from 69.46% to 83.13%, with the power consumption per ton per 100 meters decreased from 0.47 to 0.4kWh/(t hm). The energy saving rate is 14.9%, and the average annual power saving is 81,378 kWh, with the average carbon emission reduced by 57 tons CO2e.

All these suppliers have measured and publicly disclosed greenhouse gas emissions data via IPE's platform. Avary Holding will continue to promote green supply chain environmental protection, work with suppliers to cool the earth, fulfill corporate citizenship responsibilities, and achieve the sustainable mission of "developing technologies for the betterment of human beings and protecting the environment for a greener earth".

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