Brand CasesAvary Holding 2021 GHG Emissions and Energy Use

Publication Date:2022-08-13

Since 2007, Avary Holding has independently carried out GHG inspections every year, and has passed the ISO14064-1 GHG external certification to grasp the company's carbon emissions.

GHG emission sources of Avary Holding can be divided into the following three parts: Scope 1 emission sources are direct emissions from Shenzhen Park, Huai’an Park, and Qinhuangdao Park, including greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, perfluorinated compounds, HFCs, etc.) emitted during the manufacturing process and from fuel (such as natural gas, gasoline and diesel) use. Scope 2 emission sources are mainly indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam and heat. Scope 3 covers the following five other indirect emission sources: business travel, outsourced waste disposal, upstream and downstream transportation, and employee commuting. The following is the GHG emissions in 2021.


Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (Avary Holding is a wholly-owned subsidiary of it) has set a green and sustainable carbon emission reduction target by 2025 based on energy consumption, and strives to reduce more than 40% of its GHG emissions per unit of revenue in Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 2025 (base year 2013). By 2021, after years of carbon emission reduction performance tracking, Avary Holding has achieved its emission reduction target ahead of schedule, with a 40.4% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity from the base year.The trend of greenhouse gas emissions and intensity of Avary Holding over the years is shown in the figure below.

In addition, Avary Holding actively participates in Shenzhen's carbon emission trading and integrates into the operation of the carbon trading market to ensure that the company retains sufficient carbon allowances in the future. Avary Holding will vigorously introduce advanced technologies and take relevant energy-saving measures to lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term operation and development in the future.

Since 2015, Avary Holding has completed the establishment, certification and operation of the ISO 50001 energy management system, continuously improving the company's energy management and operation level.

In 2021, the total energy usage of Avary Holding is 5,491,006 GJ, and the total energy usage intensity is 164.8 GJ/million revenue (RMB). The following is the energy usage of Avary Holding in 2021.

Avary Holding adheres to the mission of "improving environmental protection and making the earth a better place", and constantly improves the requirements for environmental sustainability work such as energy conservation, carbon reduction, water conservation, and waste reduction. At the same time, Avary Holding also actively participates in industry associations and non-profit organizations such as CPCA, IPE, CDP, Shenzhen Carbon Exchange, Environmental News of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, AWS, RBA and TCFD to pay more attention to environmental sustainability issues. Furthermore, Avary Holding also actively leads the development of environmental protection public welfare activities, and promotes the concept of green development by holding global partner conferences. Due to outstanding environmental management and effectiveness, Avary Holding has become a demonstration unit for the promotion of environmental protection work by local government.

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