Brand CasesLeverage IPE's PRTR platform to increase supply chain transparency and resilience

Publication Date:2022-09-16

Complicated structure and wide variety of supplier category poses big challenge to supply chain environment management in IT industry. Benefiting from robust environment information disclose platform (PRTR) from IPE, supply chain environment management becomes more efficient, more accurate, which obviously increase IT supply chain environment transparency. Since 2016, Dell is continuing pushing and encouraging supply chain to publicly disclose environment information through IPE platform. More than 250 suppliers have already publicly submitted and disclosed their environment information on IPE PRTR platform.  By encouraging and pushing suppliers to disclose their environment information, we also achieve much more in terms of supply chain management.

1. Increase supply chain environment management transparency and efficiency:

By pushing more and more suppliers to disclose environment information, public and community can easily access and supervise Dell supply chain environment information and performance through IPE PRTR platform. In terms of environment information itself, supply chain environment information and data become more transparent to Dell as well. By studying and analyzing the change and trend of supply chain environment information and comparing of the environment information difference of categories suppliers, we can address environment management priorities in our supply chain with more focus resources.

2. Increase upstream supply chain environment management capability:

Learning from the successful practice of pushing direct suppliers to disclose environment information for years, we shared and encouraged direct suppliers to push sub-tier suppliers disclose their environment information with the same pattern as Dell. By extending impact to upper stream, supply chain overall environment management capability has been improved indirectly as meanwhile.

3. Ensure supply chain environment information accuracy and reliability:

Since 2020, Dell launched supply chain environment data and information review and validation process before disclosure to ensure accuracy and reliability, including validate data source, calculation review and historical data caparison. Dell also provides one to one coaching for vulnerable suppliers to ensure their environment information accuracy. 

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