Brand CasesDanone: IoT application in energy efficiency of illumination system

Publication Date:2022-10-10

Under Danone “One Planet. One Health” framework, Danone Specialized Nutrition (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd. employed IoT to illumination system in main warehouse area to raise energy efficiency. IoT system saves energy through adjusting intelligently the brightness and power of LED lights in the warehouse area while workers leaving the area. Application of IoT in lighting system help saving 82.5% of energy consumption in warehouse. Since 2022, 7 months of employment of IoT system contributed  over 36,000kwh of energy saving, equivalently 36 tons of carbon dioxide reduction. 

The IoT lighting system also provides a variety of functions such as digital maps, real-time energy data and space occupancy report. Such function allows us to monitor the real-time status of lights on the digital map and remote to adjust or power the lights. The visualized data system demonstrates warehouse layout and goods placing,  which supports analysis for further opportunities in energy and space efficiency of warehouse. 

(The above content was provided to IPE by the brand, who is responsible for the accuracy of the data.)