Brand CasesDanone Mizone - Wuhan Green Logistics Transformation Case

Publication Date:2023-09-06
Since 2021, Danone Mizone Wuhan factory has achieved carbon neutrality at the organizational level (Scope 1 and Scope 2), and annual carbon emissions data is disclosed to the public through the IPE Bluemap. The factory has used 100% renewable energy through onsite roof PV panel and purchase of green energy. Under requirement of national "3060" goal and Danone 2050 commitment: “Zero Net Carbon in Full Value Chain", started from 2022, Wuhan factory has extended its low-carbon practices to downstream logistic suppliers.

Case Model:

Starting with urban distribution in Wuhan city, we replaced traditional fuel truck with electric truck. The Wuhan factory built owned charging stations, provided 100% green electricity to the electric truck, furthermore, maximized vehicle turnover through optimizing distribution routes.

Case Highlights:
The project applies "Co-creation and Co-investment” model from Danone Mizone and its logistic suppliers, including the construction of charging stations at the factory, vehicle replacement, and vehicle modifications. By upgrading the traditional fuel vehicles to pure electric trucks and optimizing distribution routes to increase turnover rates, the carbon emissions during road transportation is reduced. 

Key Figures (2022, in Wuhan City):
1. All 13 administrative districts in Wuhan City were covered by Electric truck transportation.
2. 100% coverage of 4.2M electric truck for urban delivery.
3. Electric trucks delivered over 600K metric tons of kilometers through urban distribution.
4. The overall electric truck utilization rate reaches 48%.

Project Expansion:

Since 2022, Danone Mizone has promoted the use of electric truck in multiple cities, including Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Xianyang. In the mentioned cities, the overall electric truck utilization rate has reached 10%, delivering over 1 million metric tons of kilometers. In 2023, Danone Mizone continue its efforts on green logistics. Electric truck utilization rate is expected to exceed 15% and delivery will reach over 1.5 million metric tons of kilometers in urban distribution.

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