Brand CasesDell is devoted to build green factory

Publication Date:2023-09-15

Dell owned factory are addressing on building green and sustainable factory as well as green supply chain sustainability development. In the past years, Dell Xiamen factories are taking diverse actions to build a green, low carbon and sustainable factory, by means of building energy management system, production intellectualization, renewable energy use, energy reservation and emission reduction activities to improve energy efficiency, save energy consumption and reduce GHG emission. 
Dell Xiamen factory successfully built up energy management system and certified by 3rd party in 20219, then passed green factory acceptance issued by MIT (Ministry of Industry and Information) in 2022.  Energy management committee, energy measurement system and energy online monitoring system are in service to reinforce internal energy mitigation. Intellectualized production systems like auto production ordering system, auto assembly production lines, auto testing system and auto packaging system works smoothly to improve efficiency.
Dell factory replaced fossil fuel energy with renewable energy with maximum to reduce GHG emission. Examples as below, all employee shuttle buses are electrical buses instead of traditional fossil fuel buses, all streetlamps in Dell campus are powered by electricity self-generated solar cell panels, all warm water in the washrooms is heated by solar water heaters.   Up to June of 2023, all available roofs of Dell Xiamen factory are completely installed with solar cell panels which are going on line already. 3.9 million kwh electricity is generated every year to meet factory day-time operation which is covering 30% of annually total electricity consumption, which equals to reduce 2500 Ton equivalent carbon dioxide emission each year.
Meanwhile, diverse of energy conservation, efficiency improvement and emission reduction programs are proactively implemented in factory daily operations. Typical programs are as below, building roof thermal insulation to reduce air conditioning operation frequency, which saves 57900 kwh electricity every year; replace all aged lamps with latest high efficiency LED lamps to reduce 234761 kwh electricity consumption yearly; central air conditioning system ice-water units updates could save 270000 kwh every year; air compressor system retrofit saves 29870 kwh use annually; new water recycle system is installed to reduce 22000 fresh water withdrawal. In past several years, there are total 962 energy preservation related projects implemented in Dell Xiamen factory which contribute to reduce 42414 equivalent carbon dioxide emission aggregately. 
Dell keeps on pursuing more sustainable future together with our global supply chain by sharing our factory good practices to achieve our net zero goals by 2050.

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