Low-carbon Transition Index of Thermal Power Listed Companies(LCTI)

The low-carbon transition index of thermal power listed companies mainly adopts information publicly disclosed by enterprises to evaluate the low-carbon transition initiatives implemented by listed thermal power companies during the 13th Five-Year Plan period and their effectiveness, and form a ranking to guide the companies to accelerate the process of low-carbon transition and help the power industry to achieve peak carbon as soon as possible. In the future, based on the evaluation of the companies’ performance on low-carbon transition in the 13th Five-Year Plan and their 14th Five-Year Plan and later low-carbon planning targets, the low-carbon transition index will dynamically evaluate the annual progress on low-carbon transition of thermal power listed companies, and dynamically monitor the low-carbon transition development of the thermal power industry.

LCTI Grade
No. LOGO Stock Code Company Name
LCTI Guideline Grade
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Transition progress
Financial support
Technology investment