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IPE launched the Zero Carbon Supply Chain Initiative, calling for joint efforts to advance the decarbonization of supply chains

Publication Date:2023-04-10

On April 10th 2023, IPE launched theZero Carbon Supply Chain Initiativewith the aim to accelerate the pace of supply chain decarbonization for meeting global climate target.

Best practice in recent years indicates that brands have a unique and critical leveraging opportunity for improving supply chain performance by introducing carbon sensitive sourcing criteria. But decarbonizing the supply chain is challenging: the supplier base is often large and dispersed, while the “hotspots” are often located with suppliers further up the supply chain, making it difficult to reach and obtain reliable data. This means that motivating the entire supply chain to decarbonize relies on the collaborative efforts across the industry and multiple value chains, as well as support from financial institutions, governments, research institutions, and public awareness.

To accelerate the pace of supply chain decarbonization, IPE launched theZero Carbon Supply Chain Initiativeand call on leading companies, industry coalitions and key institutions that influence supply chain and climate ambition to lead in joining the Initiative. IPE also looks forward to attention and support from all sectors of society to jointly advance the decarbonization of supply chains, accelerate the global Race to Zero, and protect our planet Earth.

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