User Agreement

The Blue Map website and mobile App (herein after referred to as “Blue Map”), published by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs of the Chaoyang District of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "IPE"), welcomes you to sign this "Blue Map User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement") with IPE and to use the Blue Map. This agreement has legal effect when any user (hereinafter referred to as "you") starts to browse or use the Blue Map.

Before using the services provided by the Blue Map, please carefully read and understand every clause of the content, especially those relating to the authorization, exemption or restrictions of responsibilities, legal usage and dispute settlements. If you are not over 18 years of age, please carefully read the below details with a legal guardian, making sure to adequately understand this agreement and obtain the permission of your legal guardian before downloading or using the Blue Map services and related software.

Once you start using the functions and services of the Blue Map, this will indicate that you have read, understood and accepted the entire content of this agreement, and reached an agreement with IPE to become a user of Blue Map related software and services (herein simply called "the user"). If during the reading of this agreement, you do not consent to the agreement or any of its clauses, you should stop using the services provided by the Blue Map.

Introduction to Services

1. Software and Data service: Blue Map is a business service platform, providing the user with data inquiry and management services for enterprise environmental supervision information, enterprise safety supervision information and environmental credit ratings etc. When the user quotes information from Blue Map (including but not limited to classification data and related reports), please make sure to clearly indicate that it originates from "Blue Map". When the user quotes Blue Map information, if they change the form or content, must obtain the written permission of IPE in advance.

2. Information disclosure service: Blue Map provides the user with information disclosure services, including but not limited to facilitating enterprises to proactively disclose environmental information, safety information, social and corporate governance information etc. Any user that publishes the aforementioned information through Blue Map must take responsibility for its authenticity and validity, and must ensure that they have the rights to the publishing of this information. Any user that publishes the aforementioned information through Blue Map, will be seen to have authorized IPE to obtain the aforementioned information and to have authorized IPE to publish the aforementioned information through the Blue Map website, App etc., and to have authorized the free usage of the aforementioned information to IPE.

User Registration and User Regulations

1.You confirm that before you begin to use Blue Map, you are able to adapt your behavior to fit the civil conduct of the People's Republic of China laws and regulations. If you do not possess the aforementioned ability to adapt your behavior to the civil conduct, then you and your legal guardian should assume responsibility for every consequence of this in accordance with the laws and regulations.

2. Blue Map account property rights are to be possessed by IPE, and after you complete registration, you will obtain the usage rights to that account. These usage rights are restricted to your own usage, you do not have the right to gift, lend, rent out, transfer or sell your account.

3. Please take good care of the account and password information; in the case of any loss of this information caused by your own behavior leading to the leaking, forgetting etc. of your account or passwords, or by any other factors, IPE will as far as possible cooperate with you to take proactive measures to reduce related damages, but any unfavorable consequences to this will be your own responsibility.

4. Your use of Blue Map to publish information (including but not limited to user account details, user profile pictures etc.) must comply with national laws and regulations, and you must assume any civil, administrative or criminal legal responsibilities resulting from inappropriate publication of information.

5. Without the permission of IPE, any work unit or individual cannot through any method (including but not limited to malicious registration of a Blue Map account, machine seizure, duplication or mirroring etc.) unreasonably obtain messages, information, data etc. from the Blue Map.

6. You agree that during the provision of services IPE can send you information automatically or via third party by way of email, text message, App notifications etc.


1. Blue Map data principally originates from:

a) departments of every level of government, environmental protection, water services, security monitoring, industry communications, meteorology, the National Development and Reform Commission, planning etc.;

b) information published by enterprises in accordance with "The Automatic Monitoring Disclosure Platform", "Enterprise Work Unit Environmental Information Disclosure Platform", government websites etc.;

c) information that enterprises have authorized Blue Map to publish or published themselves through Blue Map;

d) current news;

e) Data purchased by IPE through legal channels;

f) IPE research results, notification statements etc.

2. IPE guarantees as far as possible that the Blue Map information is identical with the quoted documents. Concerning Blue Map software and related services, IPE does not provide any type of explicit or suggested guarantee or qualification, including but not limited to data comprehensiveness and accuracy, special use applicability etc. Because of this, IPE does not take responsibility for the consequences brought about by the authenticity or correctness of the original information.

3. Any user that publishes related information through Blue Map must take responsibility for its authenticity and validity, and guarantee that they have the right to publish the aforementioned related information.

4. The user will take responsibility themselves for any fees arising from the obtaining of other services outside of the scope of the Blue Map.

5. Any point of view that the user develops according to the data and information provided by Blue Map does not represent Blue Map, and has no relation to the point of view or position of IPE. The user is responsible for any related responsibilities.

6. Concerning the usage on Blue Map of any network data, account passwords etc. information that might involve assets, the user is invited to act cautiously and to apply their own judgement; on the basis of the aforementioned reason IPE is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary compensation arising from the loss of profits, business reputation, information loss or other material or immaterial damages.

7. If the user violates this agreement and violates the law of the People's Republic of China, they should assume all legal responsibilities. IPE does not accept any such responsibility.

8. Concerning any obstacles, flaws, postponements or content changes etc. to the contract arising from the below items, IPE does not take responsibility for any related violation:

a) Any unavoidable elements arising from natural disaster, strikes, riots, wars, government behavior, judicial executive order etc.;

b) Electricity supply malfunctions, internet failure etc. public service factors or third party factors (including but not limited to: viruses, trojan horses, malicious computer software, internet problems, unstable systems) ;

c) Under circumstances of IPE having already acted in best practice management, factors relating to routine or urgent system and equipment safeguarding, system and equipment malfunction, website information and data safety etc.

User Prohibited Items

If you use Blue Map services, you are considered to have agreed not to carry out the following behavior:

1. Upload, display, post, disseminate or by other methods deliver information concerning one of the following contents (including but not limited to pictures, written text, videos, audios, links etc.);

a) Opposing the guiding principles outlined in the constitution;

b) Endangering national security, leaking national secrets, toppling the national political regime, destroying national unity;

c) Harming national interests and honor;

d) Inciting racial hatred, discrimination, damaging national unity;

e) Damaging national religion policy, proclaiming cult or feudal superstitions;

f) Disseminating rumors, disturbing the social order, damaging social stability;

g) Content spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or instigating crime;

h) To humiliate or slander another person, infringing on another person's lawful rights;

i) Any content that is false, deceitful, harmful, coercive, infringing on another person's privacy, disturbing, invasive, slanderous, vulgar, obscene or that is not in agreement with public order and morality or is otherwise morally repulsive;

j) Anything containing content that is restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, legislation, regulations, codes of conducts and any other standards with legal effect.

2. Using Blue Map for any illegal activity;

3. Malicious registration of a Blue Map account;

4. Using Blue Map services to engage in the following activities:

a) Without written permission, entering the computer information network or using the computer information network;

b) Without written permission, deleting, modifying or increasing the computer information network functions;

c) Without written permission, deleting, modifying or increasing any stockpiled, managed or transmitted data or App sequences on the computer information network;

d) Deliberating making or transmitting destructive programs such as computer viruses (including trojan horses) to steal other users' account, password, personal information, or to control another person's computer;

e) Other behavior that endangers the safety of the computer information network.

5. Without written consent, using Blue Map for publishing adverts, disguised adverts, buzz marketing, the sale of goods, multi-level marketing etc.

6. The obtaining or usage of Blue Map related services for reproduction, copying, selling or transferring to use for any other commercial objective.

7. Apart from the publisher, deleting or modifying other individual or company resources.

8. Without Blue Map ' consent, sending emails, calling, sending letters or by other methods contacting individuals or companies whose information is published by Blue Map.

User Privacy

Blue Map works towards the protection of user's personal information, please refer to the User Privacy Policy for more details.

Neglecting Responsibilities

1. If you cannot fulfil and respect the stipulations of this agreement whilst using Blue Map , IPE has the right to delete your published information until closing your account and/or temporarily or permanently prohibiting you from using Blue Map to publish information. At the same time, preserving your legal rights in accordance with the law, Blue Map will continue to have and to exhibit the right to keep your records on the system to act as evidence of your violation of the law and this agreement.

2. If your behavior causes IPE and its business partners or affiliates to suffer losses (including its own direct economic losses and indirect economic losses through commercial losses and external compensation, settlement fees, lawyer fees, lawsuit fees etc.), you must compensate IPE and its business partners or affiliates for the aforementioned losses.

Amendments to the Agreement

You understand and agree, according to the needs of service upgrades, changes to national laws etc., IPE has the right to modify this agreement. IPE will make relevant notifications of amendments on the Blue Map App products, and these notifications will be considered to constitute IPE having already notified the user of amended content. If you do not agree to the amendments to the clauses of this negotiation made by IPE, you have the right to and should stop using Blue Map related software and services; if you continue to use Blue map related software and services, it will be considered to constitute your acceptance of the amendments made by IPE to the clauses of this agreement.

Legal Application and Jurisdiction

1. This agreement's conclusion, effectiveness, implementation, modification, termination, interpretation and settlement of disputes are all applicable to the law of The People's Republic of China (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan excluded).

2. You agree that any dispute relating to this agreement and arising from Blue Map services will be settled between you and IPE. When agreement cannot be reached, any party can present a lawsuit at the People's Court with jurisdiction over IPE's place of residence.


1. The titles of this agreement are only for the purpose of making it more convenient and easier to read, they do not influence the meaning or interpretation of any provisions of this agreement.

2. This agreement's copyright is possessed by IPE, and IPE holds the ultimate authority to interpret the clauses of this agreement.

English Translation Accuracy Disclaimer: This document has been translated by IPE for the purposes of reference only. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in this translation, please refer to the Chinese version of the document, which is the official version of the document. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes.


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