• 2022

    Blu Sky Roadmap: A Decade of Change - 2030 Outlook

    Over the past decade, China has made remarkable progress in controlling air pollution. Today, China has embarked on a new journey to fight for its blue sky, and a new road map of blue sky is being rolled out. Looking ahead, we hope to see more joint efforts by the government, enterprises and the public to draw on the successful experience of air pollution control over the past decade, including monitoring and infomation disclosure. We also hope to see multiple stakeholders leverage the huge impetus from the dual carbon targets on structural adjustment and low-carbon transition, vigorously promote the synergies of carbon reduction and pollution reduction so as to ensure that air quality is further improved while high-quality carbon peaks are achieved before 2030. These efforts will promote the building of a beautiful China and alllow the country to share its wisdom and strength to the building of a beautiful world.
    Publication Date:2022-09-21