Information Disclosure

"Information Disclosure" refers to the process by which enterprises may disclose information regarding the reasons for their violations and any corrective actions they have taken in response. Enterprises can also disclose information regarding how they continue to improve their performance and implement measures to save energy and reduce emissions.
By taking the initiative to disclose environmental information, enterprises can help the government, purchasers, financial institutions and stakeholders such as investors and the public to gain a timely and comprehensive understanding of their performance, and promote multi-stakeholder participation in ecological and environmental protection work, green procurement, green investment and financing, and green and low-carbon lifestyles. It can also break down information barriers, enhance market fairness and motivate enterprises to continuously improve their environmental performance and accelerate their green and low-carbon transformation.

  • Register a corporate user account on the Blue Map Database;

  • Once logged in, go to "My Green Choice", click on "Information Disclosure";

  • Submit explanations and upload supporting documents based on the instructions in the below guidelines. Documents including but not limited to: reasons for violations, corrective actions taken, current status of environmental compliance, good practices to improve environmental performance;

  • Check publicly disclosed documents or data and continue to track one’s own environmental performance.

Guidance documents:

Green Choice Audit (GCA)

"GCA Audit" refers to an open and transparent mechanism for companies to verify the effectiveness of corrective actions regarding previous violations and remove records from the Blue Map Database.
GCA audit is conducted in line with the basic requirements of corporate compliance with laws and regulations and in accordance with the Green Choice Audit criteria, with the audit report displayed on the Blue Map website (except for those parts that involve commercial secrets) for public supervision. GCA audit comprises two forms: off-site document review (carried out by IPE staff) and on-site GCA audit (carried out by qualified third-party audit companies who may negotiate the fees with the enterprise). IPE does not charge fees in any of the auditing process.

  • Register a corporate user account on the Blue Map Database;

  • Once logged in, go to "My Green Choice", click on "GCA Audit";

  • Submit explanations and upload supporting documents regarding reasons for violations and corrective actions based on the instructions in the below guidelines, and publicly demonstrate that they have remediated the violations and commit to continuously track and improve their environmental performance.

  • IPE will write and publicly disclose the GCA audit report based on the documents uploaded by the enterprise.

Guidance documents:

Third-Party Audit Companies

The Third-Party Audit Companies are listed in no particular order. IPE has never appointed any entities to conduct a third-party audit for an enterprise, nor does it authorize any entity or individual to promote third-party auditing services, technical consulting services or pollution control projects to enterprises.

For enquires, please email at

  • Shanghai Tongjie Environmental Sci.&Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Lead Auditor(s) Felix XIONG
    Auditor(s) Lily YANG(under review)
    ContactFelix XIONG
    Mobile138 0161 9719
  • Intertek China

    Lead Auditor(s) Drewy ZHANG, Tan Yong
    Auditor(s) Amei Wang
    ContactTan Yong
  • TüV Rheinland

    Lead Auditor(s) Felix YU, Rico SHANG, Bill PEI, Wing XIONG, Johnson SONG(under review), Jackey JI(under review), Angela FENG, Ella LIU
    Auditor(s) Jasmine LIU(under review), Allan WANG(under review), Phoebe WU(under review), Ike XU
    ContactChen Yang
    Office Telephone021-60814762
    Contactberry Feng
    Office Telephone020-28391558
    Mobile137 2532 2826
  • ANEW Global Consulting LLC

    Lead Auditor(s) Michael LIANG, Joseph GUI, Adam MA
    Auditor(s) Tom TANG、Meiling XU(under review), Aidan HAN(under review)
    ContactMeiling XU
    Office Telephone021-63869001
    Mobile156 1897 2330
    ContactAdam MA
    Office Telephone020-87606336
    Mobile189 2882 1664
  • Greenment

    Lead Auditor(s) BAO Lei, Leo LIU, John YANG, CiCi ZHANG, Jack LIU, YE Esther, SHE Sunny(under review), Calvin GONG(under review)
    Auditor(s) Yanjun ZHANG(under review), Yaqing XU、Melanie Dong(under review), Irene Xu(under review)
    ContactLei bao
    Mobile187 1796 7924
    ContactLeo LIU
    Mobile137 6483 7177
  • Extensive Standard Technical Services Co., Ltd

    Lead Auditor(s) Fanny Zhu, Angel Yu(under review)
    Auditor(s) Kane Chen
    ContactJolly Ying
    Office Telephone0769-21661360
    Mobile189 3817 4415
  • GreenPont Sustainability Solutions(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

    Lead Auditor(s) Jack Duan, ZHANG Zhenggang, ZHAN Jin(under review)
    Auditor(s) YANG Guang
    ContactJack DUAN
    Mobile138 2369 9451

    Lead Auditor(s) Charlie ZOU, Jack Hu
    Auditor(s) Phoebe LI、Lisa FANG、Carina Chen、Franny Shi
    ContactLisa FANG
    Office Telephone020-32136462
    Mobile136 3139 2860
    ContactVicky DU
    Office Telephone022-65288425
  • GEIT

    Lead Auditor(s) Dandan YANG, Helen WU, Sunny JI
    Auditor(s) Archer XIAO(under review), Susan SUN、Hui SUN(under review)
    ContactSherry SHEN
    Mobile158 2166 9594
    ContactShelley WEI
    Mobile136 0165 3568
  • British Standards InstitutionQualifications Under Review

    Website http://,
    Lead Auditor(s) 钱韶丽(under review), 陆春荣(under review)
    ContactEric MA
    Office Telephone021-23160250
    Mobile138 0178 1255